Alisa Johnson

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I was first introduced to siena soap company in 2014 and I have never looked back! I only wish I had heard about Siena soap sooner! The prices are unbeatable and the products work so well! The best part is that all of their products are 100% natural and healthy for your skin. Plus I must add that Siena products smell absolutely heavenly. Give them a try!


-Shampoo Bar-
I especially recommend the shampoo bars. My hair has never been healthier and easier to manage. These bars also make traveling a lot easier since you don’t have to bother measuring liquids into travel size containers.


The deodorant is wonderful. It works and smells better than any deodorant I have ever tried. Most deodorants out there contain aluminum and other very harmful ingredients. If you’re looking to make the switch to healthier skin care I recommend starting with your deodorant!

-Baby Balm-

I love baby balm. Not only does my family use it for the little ones, but I also use it for my own skin! It is relieves my dry itchy skin in the winter and it also helps relieve the itch from bug bites in the summer. Who would have thunk? It has been a real life saver for me and I always have it on me.

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