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I have known the makers of Siena Soap for most my life and started using their products when they started selling them. I quickly fell in love with the products and started using more and more of them. One of the things that I Iike about the company and their products is that they are all natural. I know exactly what is going on my skin and I know that no harmful ingredients are being absorbed into my body. They also work well! I have two young children, both who’ve struggled with eczema. I have appreciated the products that Siena Soap has to offer in the way of natural remedies as they have helped me and my family. I have too many favorites to list but here are a few that I HIGHLY recommend: deodorant, baby balm, eczema salve, four thieves oil, tea tree shampoo bar and their facial serum.

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Siena Soap Products that I love:

Deodorant –

I have tried other brands of ‘natural’ deodorant and they didn’t work. When tried Siena Soap’s Peppermint Deodorant, I was pleasantly surprised. It is not an anti-antiperspirant, so you still may sweet, but it certainly kept the smell away.

Baby balm-

This balm works miracles! You can put it on burns, bug bites, rashes, etc. and it will bring healing very quickly. Both my babies have had reactions on their faces and after applying thisbalm, their faces quickly begin to clear up.

Eczema salve –

This salve has been a life saver for my babies and their eczema. I simply apply it to their affected areas after a warm bath (I use the Calendula Petals bar to bathe them) and it brings healing to their dry, itchy skin.

Tea tree shampoo –

I was a little skeptical to use a shampoo bar to wash my hair, but quickly found that I liked it a lot. I loved the way my hair feels after using it for several weeks. I don’t have any chemical residue built up in my hair and my hair now has so much more body.

Facial serum –

I LOVE this. Since switching to this product (along with the Dead Sea Mud bar) my face is soft and clear. I live in a very dry climate and it took my face a little time to adjust to my new moisturizer, but once it did, I no longer use much of it to moisturize my skin. Again, I love knowing that I am not putting harmful chemicals on my skin to be absorbed into my bloodstream.


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