Melissa Burkhardt

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Hello All! I am so excited to join the team of Siena Soap. As Mary’s niece and Jessica’s cousin I have been using the Siena Soap products since the early testing stages and have not used a product that I haven’t been impressed with yet! I have always looked up to my Aunt Mary in her natural ways and beliefs. It wasn’t until recently, while being diagnosed with some health issues, that I really took a good look at what I was actually putting into my body. There are so many hidden chemicals in today’s most popular products that a lot of us use every day without even thinking of what it could cause in the long run. I can not wait to spread the word about these amazing creations Siena Soap has come up with to help us help our bodies – without the worry of the harsh side effects.



Four Thieves

Four Thieves Oil: We use this all the time in our household from helping with cleaning to diffusing in the air to prevent the spread of colds and flu bugs.


Eczema Salve

Eczema Salve: My son suffers pretty bad from this irritating skin condition but he applies the balm after his shower and it helps so much!


Bite Block

Bite Block Bug Spray: We are always outdoors, from fishing to hunting to hiking – any free time we have, we try to spend it with Mother Nature! Bite Block is a must in our neck of the woods…safe to use on everyone and the mosquitos hate it!

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