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I have been using the Siena Soap Products since 2014 and absolutely love them! I was sick of all the chemicals that are put into products and wanted to find All Natural Products!  I also love the fact that everything is made locally in Blaine, MN!  After having 2 home parties, and having my friends and family telling me how much they loved the products too, I decided to start selling Siena Soap in March of 2015!  I’ve been married for 25 years with 23 year old twins!  All 4 of us use Siena Soap Products!  Let me know if you are interested in hosting an in home or online party.  It is a great way to earn FREE products!  You can place an order online and when you spend $75 or more, you get FREE Shipping.  You can also pick your items up in Blaine or contact me directly and pick them up in Rogers.

The following list of products are my favorite from Siena Soap.  Remember to read the customer reviews on the products that you are interested in to see what they thought and how they use them! I know you will enjoy these products as much as I do!  Give them a try!


Siena Soap Products that I love:

Renewal Facial Serum-

My whole family loves this product, but I think my husband likes it the most!  He is in his 50’s and has Oily Skin and sometimes has trouble with Acne.  His complexion is so much better than it was before he started using this product.  We have run out of it and he was forced to use something else on his face for moisturizer.  He can notice a huge difference in how his skin looks and feels when he is not using the Facial Serum. You only need a couple drops, because it goes a long way!  It lasts a long time and is a GREAT VALUE for the price of it compared to other products on the market with similar ingredients and this one is ALL NATURAL with no fragrance or chemicals!

Poor Soles Foot Butter-

I have very dry/cracked heals!  This product is amazing!  I rub it on my heals each day after my shower and put socks on!  I have not had dry/cracked heals since I started using this product!  It also lasts a very long time!

Cold and Sinus Salve-

This is the All Natural alternative to Vicks that has chemicals!  This smells like Vicks but is so much better for you!  When I get a cold, which is not very often,  I always end up with a Red/Chapped/Swollen nose from blowing it so much!  Not anymore!  This product keeps my nose moisturized and helps me breathe easier.

Muscle Rub-

I love to rub this on my sore shoulders!  It works very fast!  No more Stinky Ben Gay for me!  This also helped my Mom when she had Shingles!

Defender OIl-

I use a drop of this everyday under my nose as an immune booster and when everyone around me at the school I work at gets sick, I stay healthy!  There are so many other ways to use this oil!  Take a look at the description tab to see them all!

Magnesium OiL-

My husband and I use this oil for joint pain.  It works great!  Go to the description tab to see all the other ailments that this oil helps with!


Have Fun Shopping!  

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